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Stator Overhaul

What do we do? - Stator Rewinding

Rewinding stator dynamo

Contact our specialist:
[email protected]

Carmo is able to rewind your generator.

Send your defective generator to the following address for rewinding:

We even have a number of common generators fully revised in stock.
For these generators we operate a trade-in system with a deposit. Your deposit will be paid back when we have received your defective generator. In this way you don’t have to wait for your own generator to be rewound.

  • Your stator will be stripped to the metal core.
  • The metal core will be sandblasted and cleaned.
  • Afterwards the metal core will be coated with an extra thick isolation layer.
  • The next step is the rewinding of the insolated stator core.
  • When the stator is wound with new copper windings, the dynamo goes through final assembly and is coated with a two layer protective coating.

Advantages compared to the original generator are:

  • We use an extra thick isolation coating meaning the breakdown voltage is many times higher.
  • The copper wire we use is of higher quality than the original wire.
  • Because of the two layers of coating your generator is better protected against influences from the engine.

All rewound stators have a 3 year warranty. Rewinding / revision takes about a week.

To use our trade-in system and buy a revised generator from stock. If we do not have your generator in stock, but you want to be back on the road as soon as possible, we offer a quick service.
We also have many generators in stock than can be bought without having to trade in the original one.
Our stock can be seen HERE.
Enter your motorbike model in the search box at the top of the page to see all products in stock for your bike.

Team Carmo